Mission Statement

Music Education Engaging With Music Industry


Partnering and collaborating with the music industry in today’s digital environment.


To be at the forefront of technological innovation in the production and distribution of music of any style.

New Zealand Music Industry Centre (NZMiC) – a quick overview:

The New Zealand Music Industry Centre (NZMiC) will bring together students, musicians and the music industry alongside the University of Otago’s nationally unique courses in contemporary music and studio production to provide the skills and opportunities students need for commercially viable careers in the digital era.

Musicians of all genres face uncertain futures because their traditional career pathways have been radically changed with the arrival of digital technologies. The overall goal is sustainable commercial opportunities for contemporary music students.

NZMiC will address this by providing more effective provision, better prepared students, and increased economic opportunity. NZMiC is one of Otago Universitys 12 high-priority initiatives in the TEC-endorsed 2008-10 Investment Plan.

General Goals:

  • Formalize internships.
  • Enable use of studio recordings during non-educational/research periods.
  • Provide avenues for the production and distribution of appropriate Department of Music outputs (including a label with various imprints), commercial or otherwise.
  • Jointly lobby vigorously for external funding.
  • Seek research partners and collaborators within the music industry, tertiary education and other related industries.
  • Explore opportunities for event management and production.
  • Explore opportunities for promotion and marketing services where appropriate.
  • Work with music educators within the University of Otago and the wider Dunedin music education community to present a cohesive message.